Green Only Stun Walkers SR Level

Seriously needs to die.


I don’t know if it was just boredom, bad rng, or a combo of the two but the very late walker stages seemed to be a tiny bit harder. Like headshots were not occurring at the rate they normally do. Either way glad it’s over and it didn’t cost me any cans to finish it.

If energy is not a problem just throw a crappy 4-star crit lead in with a bunch of 2-stars. Let them sacrifice themselves and thin the heard a bit for your A-team. I’m sure you know this but it might help someone who is struggling to do them.

edit - Too damn tired to put a cohesive thought together this morning. Coffee you have failed me. :wink:


I did that. I did it with 3* too. I ran out of greens. no one ever critted, everyone got stunned. Zeke lead with slayer weapons did nothing.

Very poorly designed level for everyone but the most advanced players. But then, about 90% of this game is poorly designed, so…par for the course I guess

Thats what I’m talking about. I could be just nuts but I feel like they tweeked the crit rates or something and not in a good way.

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Same, I finished with two hours to spare with no cans. It’s all about good crit leads with high crit weapons. I think I had to redo one or two stages with a team dying.

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Yeah that one is a bitch. The absolute worse trait only stage. With the Blue one coming in second place

It’s literally pure RNG at this point. No amount of thought or planning will help me if instead of a crit, I get stunned, and if I lose all my best toons, and if I have no revive kits. On my alt account that can’t pass the level, I have no green stun cures, only one green stun rush, and of course high level reds kill greens in one hit. I do have several useless 6* that can’t help because they aren’t green.

Again, very, very poorly designed. Unless the goal is to frustrate new players into playing something else. If that’s the case, mission accomplished


I would place yellow right after green. Blue and red are my bitches. Got a great team for dealing with them.

Dwight, Zeke, Kay, Tripp, and the goddess of sr Lilly.

When its the hybrid stage I remove Kay in favor of Ty. This literally gets me through 90% of the stages super easy.

Red is easy. Kelly and trainers. A month old account can auto those.

Greens just never crit without a high crit boost rush. My main uses Earl and Michonne, but hey, guess what devs? Not everyone has those toons.

Give us some better options, geez.

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So does the red stunners. One time, they gave me two of those. One 3 wave, one 2 wave. Like seriously.

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Larry has 24 crit and that’s who I use but it would be nice to get a green like Kelly with that 36 crit bonus. There is a green Zeke that drops a shield. I don’t have her but I think its Darleen that also drops a shield. Negan all-out war is the only green I own that has a crit rush. What green also needs is someone like Tripp who can remove negative statuses.

Who has the highest crit lead skill on greens anyway?

This is where Darlene comes in handy, though I’m sure there are more greens that offer a crit boost.

For me on all Blue stages I run a Kenny lead with all crit weapons and then half the time 3 people wont crit and then well those fast walkers go to work lol

Got a feeling 36 is as high as it goes, for greens anyway, think Aaron (soon to be ascendable Aaron) has the same.

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I use Javier, Darlene, Audrey, Michonne, Carl/Hershel.
All with crit weapons. Once Darlene goes off it’s done.

My old old team was drop Ezekiel; Michonne, Tony (4*), Morgan (dat heal&70def) & Rosita (tenacity lets you take the bite). Again, crit weapons on all :+1:t4:

Do you have Lilly? Hr crit boost will never run out. It’s 45 ar and gives 35% crit and 65% att to all for 3 turns. You can keep it going for as long as you need. You can get her from blue 4 star ascendance. Seriously she is the most valuable toon for sr walker and walker/human stages.

Only toon in that list that the alt has is Javier

I don’t get how Zeke with 24, plus weapons with 20+ base, plus the 20 for 60% HP bonus 3rd slot isn’t enough to melt all the walkers, but an extra 12 for the leader skill is

Thanks for the info. Always wanted Darleen but never pulled her.

I’ve had 3 :rofl: #Standard

No michonne. Main has 4 Michonnes, though, for all the good that does

Rosas rush is stuck at like 4

Darlene is t2 rush level 4

Rebels are not easy to level, and since I’m cursed, their rushes stay low too

Zeke lead, no revive kits though so if he dies, it’s over