Green mittens unobtainium

It seems like with the blue and red mittens enough time and opportunities has been given to be able to turn the museum rewards in. Yes you need some raid cans and lots of food but still doable.

The green mittens seem next to impossible. Refills are extremely hard to come by. The time frames on these events are short. There is only a couple of events in which to get rewards.

So what’s going on? Why is green mittens so out of whack and all the roads such a short time span?


Ah yes unobtainuim, scopely’s favorite element


You could have bought the .99 offers with the green mittens. Lol. You still have enough time.


Quoting myself because it’s so much better than just copying and pasting

I got knock and only spent 2.99 on the deal yesterday for the three cans. Didn’t use one single sr can on the other three events.

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That defeats the purpose of it being free…

Green mittens were the only one I will collect enough of. Already got my Knox. He’s not great.

Raids and red mittens are impossible in newberry because defences aren’t lowered by everyone so you hit 2 revivers 3 shields every time. I might get the level up mits.

But I agree that survival road needs to be redesigned.

I’m on 8000 green mittens, have used coins from league events to buy Sr cans. Should be getting my Knox on the next Sr event

Chriiiist it’s almost as if people who complain about the green mittens don’t use their refill every 2 hours, or must be hoarding coins for pulls, or not even participating in leagues

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Or… Have a life, maybe? :man_shrugging:t4:

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I got Knox last night, I had saved up 20 SR cans, used 6. Should always keep some spare for special collections like this

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If you want a life then pay to win

Lol, that was a good one

The point being is the SR maps where shortened in time frame where all other events where not short…

But like a lot of threads on here things get muddled. You have loads of chances to get level up given there was close to a dozen level ups in the time frame.

Raiding was tricky for sure but at least raid cans are given out as random rewards. AND there was no ShORTENED raid tournament.

SR was shortened to blitz status.

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