Green michonne need to be release

Well, Michonne is obviously one of the main character of walking dead, but she has only two 6* toons. Which means less than other main characters like maggie, eze or jesus, but also less than sandy or beta,and same as barker ! That must be corrected.

Therefore, mich is a kata girl, so a green toon by nature. But the two 6 are blue and yellow…

Would be nice to ascend one of the old version, like the very first one or the twins kata. It would be the f2p melee att/ap lead everyone is waiting for !


Okay, new Maggie coming soon.


They gonna make the michonne that does 800 dmg ascendable that hardly anyone has and flip us over


It is amazing that there is not one not like it would be the 5. Make a great new premiere and we know michonne will sell like hotcakes.

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The prestige Michonne would be awesome

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Shiva Force Michonne

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Really don’t care which one but ascend a mich !


I love making all michonne and all shiva teams for raid defense. I had 5 og shivas at 1 point. Now i go armor shiva so can throw her in for a lead skill :joy:

So you think two michonne, and no green one, is enough ? Not from my point of view


The calm before one you could get from a mission I believe that is what your talking about right?

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I see where your coming from but can michonne become old, really? I don’t think she can personally especially with that unique katana stance she has.

+1 and by releasing the new elodie, is a great timing to release a new green michonne

dual katana michonne is my favourite toon and hope she will be 6* soon

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Love to see her ascendable
Leadskill: 30% attack to all and huge ap to melee
2100 attack
500% attack to 2 toons impair and -50def for 3 turns
Active skill:
This toon and 3 others recieve 60%attack boost for 2 turns and gain 35%ap
Weapon 30attack, 20def, and impair on attack

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