Green leaves wrong offer(again)

rip my money and no Leaves(it’s not like i cry for that amount of money, it’s the whole point that we WASTED a 1 week of event and losed soooooo much gear while others got the gear @GR.Scopely)
Even if the developers give in mail the 2 leaves we bought wrong we would only get like 2-3 canteen gps and 2-3 radio at most(while my faction mates get 15-20 ez). Rip event


I’m so confused are these the green leaves we need or not @GR.Scopely

leaves of 3 let it be
leaves of 4 eat some more

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Same here.
Bought it for 2 green leaves, instead got 2 maple leaves.
Ffs scopely, get your act together

They are NOT but @GR.Scopely said to contact support after you buy them. Enjoy the end of the event!

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That’s so fuking dumb

Worst advice ever :joy:

Oh my god. What an absolute omnishambles. I’m at a loss for words.


This specific offer only includes 2 Green Maple Leaf and not the Green leaves one.


Why does it say “Unlock the Harvest Pass” then?

You know that’s a lie since we get for free 200 green maple leaf every day right? I know they didn’t told you much information but let me ask you a thing @GR.Scopely. If you’d get 200 Green Maple Leaf every day wouldn’t you think it’s the Green leaves one? since they said they will “fix” and put the Green leaves one these days, and they put but the wrong one. Like why pay 3$ for 2 maple leaf when i get 200 for free everyday O.O WTF. At least reply by saying that you don’t know at the moment. I am not trying to be “bad” just saying something that have logic, you said the obvious. Maybe you don’t play the game so you don’t know but yeah, we get 200 ‘Green maple leaf’ for free everyday so it’s their mistake. Please report to them

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My daily harvest missions have just disappeared… Why!!! @GR.Scopely


Lmao, do you think we’re stupid? Why would we need 2 green maple leaves? :neutral_face:

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Fudge up after fudge up after fudge up.

@GR.Scopely, please don’t imply that this offer was intended to only include green maple leaves - it clearly says “unlock the harvest pass” which needs a minimum of 1,000 green maple leaves plus, coincidentally, TWO green leaves…

This event has only about 4 more days to go…

And our daily harvest missions disappeared. :roll_eyes:

2 green leaves in free offer.

Scopely tried to confuse everyone with this green leafs/green maple leafs situation. But they keep hiring useless and cheap employees who ended up f’cking it all up. And confused themselves.

No big surprise here. And they STILL don’t have the balls to recognize that they were wrong. “Working as intended” is a meme already.

What is the main criteria for Scopely to hire someone? To be a spineless lizard?

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@GR.Scopely whilst your around. My daily harvest missions have disappeared the none sc one anything that can be done for it to be brung back

Looooooooool you guys have been confused for 5 turns over fifty shades of maple leaves, so is GR looool :joy::rofl::skull:

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