Green Leaves, did I miss something?

Hi all,

I have probably missed this in the chaos, however I was hoping someone could help me out.

Does anyone know what these green leaves are for?

I reckon over the course of the harvest event I’ve got a few hundred of these things but I can’t see anywhere what they are actually for? All the other roadmaps use the yellow and orange leaves… What do these ones do?

Click on harvest pass

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Ahhh Ty! I should have been more observant

speaking of the leaves do you know what happens to them after the event? i have 53k orange ones

Oblivion a.k.a where the plushies are

You can still burn them on the roadmap for Banana splits (salvage tokens work), then turn those into 5* gear choice boxes.

*3 star or 4 star gear choice boxes

No legendary gear in the museum

Apologies, you are right and I misspoke - gear for 5* is what I should have said. I keep forgetting that the gear have stars as well, and use 4* gear as short hand for Elite Rare and 5* gear for Ultra rare, as that’s what you need to T4 them, but I should stop doing that as it is confusing.

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No worries. I mean you could have been forgiven for thinking that we’d actually get the chance to caah in and get some useful gear…

Nope, Scopely’d

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