Green Leaves and where to find them?

Where do you find the two Green Leaves?
Not the green maple, but the two, Green Leaves

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You find them nowhere


You buy them in the shop.

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Not anywhere i see

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You take advantage of their sh*ty QA and buy 'em cheap (£2.79) #OpportunistForLife

I don’t have any of those offers lol. I guess I must be in a really crappy bucket.

@Bane As @nimrod is saying, the design for this event is to purchase Green Leafs through the Harvest Pass offer to unlock additional Yellow Leaf rewards.


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I dont have any offers to purchase for green leaves… Only green maple leaves

I dont have these offers. Only dolls all day

You won’t see any green leaves because they are busy working out how to change “green leaf” for “green maple leaf” in their offer coding.

As stated by many others, have not seen a “Green Leaf” offer. Only for green MAPLE leafs. And kinda shitty when the missions reset

I heard if you keep throwing money at scopely a “green leaf” offer will appear for you to buy after you fill scopelys buckets to fix the leafgate

@Bane - Hi there, If you are missing some offers please force close your app then Clear cache and data and this will solve your issue.

I also have not had a single green leaf offer since the event started.

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Different people have different offers depending on their past spending habits. My 100% F2P faction mate gets $1, $2 cheap offers all the time.

9 offers up… none for green leaves.

Just saying none showing now or previously…


I force close multiple times a day. Have never seen the offer. Even after multiple closes and clearings

Same issue here. Force closed, cleared cache, and still no offer.

I have The same issue no green leafs offer which should be available for 2.99$ as per your event announcement thread I’m on iOS can’t do the clear cache/Data i deleted the game and reinstalled and nothing !!
Multiple players are reporting the same thing so probably there’s a technical issue at your end @GR.Scopely I’m not going to go through hoops to give you money either please fix

The event is time limited each day passes without getting the necessary item “ green leafs” is limiting our progress and gain from the event

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Same never had an offer for green leaves