Green leafs for harvest event

Has one found out how to get the 2 green leafs for the event yet ?

They are only available for money.

Oh ok thanks

Apparently there was an offer but because it was faulty an allowed players to benefit…

Subsequently I’ve seen no offers at all nor have a lot of players


There aren’t any money offer for get de green leaf.

To add to what the others said, there was a mistake so that you could buy them for 3$/€; it was supposed to be much more expensive. They promised to extend this offer to everyone, but it does not show up for most people. I’ve seen it once after it was taken down for the first time, but it was gone again a couple of minutes later (did not look at the timer to see if it timed out naturally or not).


I haven’t received an offer during the entire event so far. Dont care if it costs anything. It’s the fact that it is part of an event and a good amount of the player base hasnt even hadthe chance to purchase.


They were selling them early on at £20 for two.

But, it turns out that having “green leaf” and “green maple leaf” as two items in the same event not only confused players, but it confused Scopely themselves. So they pedelled offers with green leaves which were supposed to be green maple leaves.

That one above cost me £3. 15% of the price and more grene leaves than actually have any use

@Bobby-dazler - The Green Leafs were available to obtain through an offer

Moving forward, all players will have the opportunity to purchase Green Leafs for the Harvest Pass - High Roller mission event for $2.99 (a 90% discount to face value).


Which was removed due to a mistake and never replaced, well not here

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This offer has never become available at all. There is literally no way for me to gain green leaves. Therefore, no way for me to take part in the event.


When will this happen? I’ve been waiting 3days since you initially said it would be offered. @GR.Scopely

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