Green Leaf Offer Issue [12/05]

Greetings Survivors.

We are aware of the issue with the Green Leaf offer that should have provided 2 Green Maple Leaves instead of the 2 Green Leaves. The faulty Offer has now been removed and we have linked a free offer with the correct premium leaves to the purchasers of the incorrect offer.

Note: The players who purchased the incorrect offer should be receiving the free correct version.



Think this is backwards :thinking:


Can’t even get the apology letter correct… ffs

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So what about the people who once again have yet to see an offer for green leaves?

Spend more to get into a new bucket #keepsurviving.

So you take down a broken offer and compensate those who purchased it but dont put up a corrected offer? Give everyone who does not have a purchase history of this offer the opportunity @GR.Scopely

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I feel like they should start listening to the great minds on the forum to save themselves from problems. This guy called it 8 days ago:


Got my replacement

I dont think this ‘event’ could be more poorly managed, even if they tried! I can’t get green leaves (even with spending) and now I can’t even complete the crap daily missions because, guess what? They just ■■■■■■■ disappeared. Absolute joke!


Sent you two green MAPLE leaves, enjoy! :rofl:

This is not just the worst state that I’ve ever seen this game in, it’s the worst state I’ve seen any game in. It’s absolutely unbelievable. Big Rigs Over the Road Racing had better quality control than this. It’s [mind-boggling].


By the way, is there going to be a message sent in game regarding why the daily mission got removed or is it going to be fixed? @GR.Scopely

So what about the rest of us that didn’t recieve ANY offers for green leaves??? Jesus Christ!!!


What about the people who didnt get the offer at all? @GR.Scopely the offer has been removed but has not been replaced with the correct items

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Oh come on! So those who were sleeping yet again miss out on the offer and cannot participate in this event?! What a great job by scopely. Awesome investigation.


From what I’ve gathered it was up at about 3 am cst for less than 30 mins. So basically anyone that doesnt have insomnia in the U.S missed it. Ridiculous

So we are still boned then @GR.Scopely as we didn’t buy the stupid/wrong offer, when all the players want to do is buy the 2 Green Leafs

At this point, hitting your own head against a brick wall is going to be more effective than any response from the team.

So wise. Smh.

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That is first support rep that realized there is a difference in the green leaves. Shame

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