Green Kites Michone

i need 8 to unlock Michone but of the end of the event you receive 1 extra someone know for what is this extra 1 ?

Mainly to trigger people’s OCD is my guess :smiley:

When we get another green dual specialist, you’ll be one step closer. Enjoy.


Just like the Kapoor OCD trigger. If i convert my half rotting heads to whole rotting heads, i’ll be left with 39 Half heads. :rofl:


I think they release dual specialists even slower than they release legendary toons

Good thing that dual specialists have already been superseded by S-Class and are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot then!


Tbh I think a beheader will always be useful in some fashion. Particularly with vet rings

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I want a yellow specialist.

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That’s if you didn’t hit all milestones in last 2 CRWs. :slight_smile:

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