Green Kites Event Preview & Michonne First Look

Michonne event preview is up and looks like there is potential to get the character from high participation however a lot of the roadmap durations are highliy questionable to even be able to finish it in the allotted time let alone having to be on at specific times of the day and night.

The new information given in this event preview is pretty fantastic however and gives us a good idea of what is achievable versus going in blind.

Would you like to see breakdown info released from Scopely in all events?

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Here is a preview of Michonne as a 6* Character, she has dual specialist skill beheading like Axel and his 3 times on her rush.

The issue I see is that as a 6* she is heavily leaning towards based attack stat and % damage when long term those sorts of 6* characters will have no real usage. (unless more game modes / PVE is released)

Do you think Michonne is worth the effort in the event?

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In the 6* era with Lydia teams, Andrea shield, maybe even the yellows on a Donny team, she would of been amazing! S class is here now, Heng Yen is miles ahead of her, Aarav, James, etc. She will wipe out yellow 6* for sure and that specialist skill is amazing but we are in s class era.


I’d like to have an event that didn’t require flowcharts tbh.


Would you just like everything just handed to you?
The next event is “check your inbox”… no need to do anything except open the game once.

Where do you see anyone asking for handouts? Seems like youre making stuff up in your head


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Making gen 2 events is like making five star u ascendable events when six stars came out. These are a complete waste of time.

long term for sure however players, f2p especially, need stop gap improvements as even this ‘waste of time’ 6* is more powerful than most of their roster. Will be lucky to have a full maxed S Class team within the year at the collectable rates and the sheer amount of gear required to max them.



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Honestly, yeah, I’m willing to grind this event to get not only the Dual Specialist, but Ezekiel and Chris, as they’d be hella good additions to my mostly garbage FTP Roster :woman_shrugging:

She’s pretty good but not S-class :confused:Use these characters that hit Multiple times on those new SR stages Earl is another good one.

Yes! Well as long as it’s one of the days I actually can access my inbox.

Have you done the “Pony Express” roadmap?

You need to do that to collect the mail bag collectibles. Once you’ve got 10 mail bags, you can exchange them in the museum for a mailman uniform. Once you’ve got five uniforms you can pull from the mail stash - which will give you a 0.2% chance of being able to open your inbox.


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Lol I wondered where this was going.