Green Glenn 6 Star

Still waiting…

Killed the “doesn’t fit into the meta” excuse. We asked for him, not for Joshua. No response, nothing. This is beyond ridiculous. We have a 6 star ranged command and not a 6 star melee command. Release the damn character.


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I agree, I could really use him.

wait for it.

Been waiting for it. Sick of waiting for it as ranged people get their command and me, someone who is melee heavy thanks to Scopely rng, has nothing.

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I have 2, would love to trade him!

There’s no money in 6* Glenn. Nobody is going to “stash” pull for him when we all either have him or can get him for free from SD.

I can see why they might drag their heels on him, same reason there’s a list of readily available 5* still awaiting their ascension whilst they can release a costly promo toon at least weekly without fail.

How many people do you think pulled for Joshua though?

Got my Glenn from ascendance.

I got 2 from legendary, and 2 more from Wendygate

Much more people than would for Glenn, on the basis Glenn has been around forever and is far easier to get than Joshua who has only been a prize or promo. Glenn has been availble through tokens, promo, is currently available in SD I can imagine has been a prize/ reward at some point too.

People are going to be less inclined to fork out cash on a character they can pick up for depot points and even less so if they already have him, I would go so far to say anyone who has been playing the game for 2 years has him and if not it’s most likely because they got rid of him.