Green gatherer Glenn


I mean… am I doing something wrong with him? I pulled him about a week ago and I have yet to receive a crate from any roadmap mission… do missions like xp and survivors count? This toons really sucks.


From what I recall it says crate on roadmaps so it should work on ANY roadmap stage. I’m sure they’ll start popping soon. I’ve used him from a faction helper and I’ve yet to get anything. These “Tudors” are useless IMO.


No…it took me about 4 days, and after about 25 rm missions i got maybe 2. items, 10 tokens and a grip tape. Ive received one 3* part (Gun Action i believe) and maybe 400 tokens total in 2 weeks, includinf 1 100 token.

Meanwhile my fac mate, first fucking hire, pulled a god damned duct tape off him.

Like any farm toon it is all rng repeating


Tutors and Gatheres don’t cut it in my oppinion.

  • The XP tutors give an abysmal amount of XP (e.g. Pam gives 39 XP iirc, for comparison: leveling with a 1* gives 180 XP)
  • Gatherers (Glenn, Morgan) rarely drop anything. And if they do, it’s not the good stuff
  • red Michonne used to be okay for attacking towers although her Leadskill isn’t the greatest. In the new meta there is no room for her (read: OP 6* meta). And since nowadays you get more 5* token than at the time she was released (remember the times, we had to spare 3 months for 10k token?), the amount she drops is not really cutting it


those gatherer and tutor toons should get some update…I truly believe ppl tend to think that they’re useless despite on their ‘special’ leader skill. It’s not like we’re gonna farm hard using tutor leader for less than 50 xp per toon anyway!


One day farming 0energy roadmap gives me 2 shiity items per one day :frowning: It should be change.
Michonne with 5* tokens its good. 1,5k 5* tokens per one event its good score :wink:
Maggie and Pam should have better drop. 48 xp for toons with 3-4k to one lvl suck. Better to do 150 xp. With all 6* now it’ll be great :d


if you farm every roadmap … I average about 60 4* weapon tokens per day. That’s about 2-4 drops of 10-50


Agreed his skill is trash wish scopely would do something about it.


@kalishane Look this post when u find free time :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s more worthwhile than Maggie Tutor, 5* token Michonne … but it’s marginal at best