Green Carl availability


I’m sorry, I know the answer is somewhere, but I can’t find it. Are Carl’s only available in the premier recruits, or did Scopely reverse it?


He’s in the other wheels too, along with 80+ shit toons. I’ve given up on him now. Sick of the disappointment


Ah… Ok. Thank you. Just as long as I have a small chance. I don’t buy premier pulls.


he makes my team way stronger, but thanks to scopely, I won’t be able to tier 3 him, lack of watches and radios.


I have 3 of Carl now but can’t pull a Shiva for anything.


Yeah, where did you get that?


He ascended 5* Carl… :slight_smile:


I pulled the 5 from an elite token, it was random but I freaked.


I’m about to use a Carl as fodder for my other Carl


Forget the Watches and Radios. Once you Tier 3 him, you’ll have to face the problems of upgrading this big, bad boy to Tier 4.


The struggle is most definitely real.


I wonder what year we’ll see gear for these 6 stars.


You want to bet it will be avaiable again in the next five years and loose?

Edit: I think it’s more likely to get a Carl with a Hooters costume than getting an Epic Gear Roadmap this weekend.


It’s depressing.