Green & Black Flag Replacements

Recently we’ve seen reports from players that the Black and Green Flags from the Michonne Beheading event are not showing up in their inventory once they’ve acquired them. We’ve investigated the issue and corrected the problem. Choice Boxes with Black and Green Flags should now correctly award players with the appropriate amount of Flags.

For those players who are still missing Black and/or Green Flags, please expect to receive replacement flags via your inbox within the next 24 hours. If you do not receive replacement flags after this time, please contact Customer Support for additional assistance.

Also, for any players who have yet to open their Flag Choice Boxes, please open them asap and if the Flags you choose do not go into your inventory correctly, please contact Customer Support after opening all choice boxes in your inventory. Customer Support will replace any lost flags from choice boxes opened after 1:30 pm PDT on 10/17.

Note: Customer Support may take up to 24 hours to respond to your concern due to high ticket volume related to recent events outlined here: Event Complications Update [10/17]


I’m not touching my boxes


Thats what she said



U can touch my boxes u cute(?

Okay I opened them all and chose green flags for all of them.

I didn’t get a single green flag in my inventory

Worked for me

Just saw I have cake by my name…
Happy anniversary to me…lol

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Must be in the flag bucket

So what your saying @TayTron is we as the developers screwed up again and the player base has to depend on support to get ot fixed??

After seeing this post @TayTron I opened all my boxes, and still have 0 green flags. Contacted support as you suggested, but thought I’d still let you know.


Please write into CS and they will get you replacement flags.

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What the roadmap shows for rewards:

What you actually get:

For those where’s it’s working, what does the inventory show before you claim? It’s still happening as of the last run of Michonne C roadmap 30 minutes ago. :roll_eyes:


You haven’t dealt with your own support ever @TayTron have you?

A rush to close tickets, most of which are unanswered and unresolved.

Previous experience dictates this won’t be any different. Be lovely if these issues could be ironed out BEFORE events go live


I have another ticket which CS hasn’t replied to. I hope that it doesn’t get ignored when I sent request for flag replacement (no green or black flags were added to inventory)

Opened my boxes and nothing. Opened a ticket.

Did the same 30 x2 green flags and 4 black ones nothing showed up on gear inventory
@TayTron what exactly did you guys fix ?? It’s still bugged !!

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As instructed above, I opened all my choice boxes and selected the flags I wanted. None of which appeared in my inventory, and as instructed I did open a ticket with support.

Will post here once the flags are in my inventory.


If you received your choice boxes prior to 2pm PDT on 10/16, your flags will appear to disappear after the choice box is opened. CS can see this in the analytics and is able to replace the flags for you. Prior to you opening them, CS cannot see if you have a broken choice box or not, which is why you need to open them and then write into CS if your flags disappear.

Any broken choice boxes opened before 1:30PM PDT will have those flags replaced via your inbox within 24 hours but any opened after that have to be manually replaced by a Support Agent.


23 additional boxes opened. 0 green flags. Definitely looking fixed :confused:

Latest map is still dropping the 3* crate as well @TayTron