Green & Black Flag Replacements Update 10/18/19

Hello Survivors,

We’ve run into additional complications in regards to the distribution of Black and Green Flags through the Michonne Beheading event Choice Boxes. The choice boxes that contain Flags are still experiencing an issue where the Flags disappear once selected.

As we are committed to improving this experience for all players, we will now be taking the following actions:

  • The Choice Boxes are being fixed in ongoing Michonne Roadmaps. This fix will be implemented starting in the upcoming 10 PM PDT (10/18) recurrence of the Michonne Roadmap.

  • All players who have earned a Choice Box containing Green/Black Flags during the event will be sent the maximum amount of flags that were earnable from the start of the event (up to the start of the 10 PM PDT (10/18) recurrence of the Michonne Roadmap):

    1. 60 Green Flags
    2. 30 Black Flags



-The above Flags will be delivered to your inbox within the next 48 hours
-To be eligible for this compensation, you must have earned a minimum of 1 choice box from the Michonne Roadmap
-At this time, it is no longer necessary to contact Customer Support regarding this issue. Customer Support will no longer be providing individual compensation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.



Bit of a messy situation but gg on your handling of compensation. Definitely something done right there


I’m glad the issue is being addressed but so far I have not opened any of the crates and right now I’m sitting on 36 so how is 20 green and 8 black a fair compensation as I could potentially have anywhere from 72 green and 0 black to 0 green and 36 black if the crates were not bugged in the first place.

Also will the pre-existing crates function properly after the fix is live or will they still be bugged?

Out of curiosity how many green and black flags are even required to t4 Mich? Thanks.


Appreciate the update.

For those of us who had already contacted Customer Support prior to this information being posted, are we still going to get the flags we chose?

I was told by Support to pick the items of my choice and write back to them so they could provide the correct flags, and that’s what I did.

I took a screen capture video of me opening the crates and I was up to 52 green flags this afternoon. Talk about getting the shaft. I’m not ungrateful for everyone getting flags, but your math is off. Smh.


I counted my boxes, I had 36, chose 4 black flags and rest were green flags.

I thought that didn’t look right, but I thought it was only me


I put in a ticket for 64 green and 6 black, guess I’m a$$out for the difference. Great job as usual.

How is this even close to appropriate compensation as i opened over 40 of these crates and would more than have enough green and black flags to level up Michonne. This is complete bs after all of work of doing those maps every 2 hours. Not to mention all of the world cans that i needed to use to complete them. You going to replace those as well? Absolute bs. Need to take a better look at this bc after opening all the crates & sending in the ticket as was instructed this is NOT going to cut it. Better compensation needs to happen as I am sure there are more in this situation. As usual, you all screw up & players get the consequences. So who exactly should we contact about this extremely underestimated amount of compensation? Perhaps a math class would be helpful to add to the internal training agenda. #fixyourgame


For sure it just doesn’t add up. I just don’t understand how every single event as of late is always bugged from the start.

Seriously when was the last time we had an event where there wasn’t an issue of some kind and if there has to be one why does it never work in our favor? :laughing:


This is bull shit. I chose to have 30 green flags, just send us the max choice boxes then 18 boxes ( i had 19 that’s were effected)

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@TayTron - can you ask support to stop being dicks? I told them respectfully that I was due 12x2 green flags and 12x black flags. They responded telling me I’d get less than this and I’d not be entitled to anymore despite the bug being on going.

Tell them to get their calculators out and do their job

This is NOT the maximum amount earnable. You need to re-do your maths. It also takes away the CHOICE of how many flags to get. We were given choice boxes and should be credited with either what we chose or be given those choice boxes back so we can do them again.

This is really unacceptable. We were told support would credit our lost flags and now because they obviously can’t cope with yet another of your massive screw ups we’re all getting substandard compensation. Even people who weren’t affected.

So we wasted all that world energy when all anyone had to do was open ONE choice box to be credited with the number of flags you could get from 18?

Ridiculous. As usual.

Agree that we also need to know this. Or are we expected to continue to blindly collect boxes that might be useless?


think those calculations on the flags are a bit low, I opened 38 Green Flags.


Screenshot the posts as I have a feeling they will disappear soon. I am owed 60 green and 10 black and only opened the boxes as @TayTron said that it was safe to do so.
Scopely trying to stop to another new low :frowning:


What a BS! I have 40 fckng boxes (with only 2 skips of 12 daily roadmaps). 40, Carl! It means 20 black flags and 40 green MINIMUM. And I’m not telling about spending last world refills for this event, some compensation about the frustration about this situation and ASTOUNDING game expirience. Scopely are fckng hypocrites, unfair and greedy morons.

Заебали. Хватит обжираться коксом и начните думать о своих игроках. #Fixyourgame


Been arguing with support.

Scopely you need to learn a bit of math!!

You need to check individual accounts!
Not to mention the replacement of cans if your not going to change this horrible compensation your giving us!


Same boat and same numbers. Did all the pulls as instructed and now this crap. I expect the full compensation we were promised.


Yeah, I had lot more than that…I recorded opening them for when CS tried to screw me but doesn’t matter now :joy::joy: