Green ascendable Glenn


So was wondering which 4 star people used to get him. I have been striking out on everything. Trying see which 4 star has the higher probability to getting that Glenn. Thanks all


Sadly, there is no correlation with the base character you use…

Honestly I would just try to buy him from the depot on sale if you can.


I used Green Sandy and got him on first try luckily. Absolutely one of my favorite 6*'s


There is no magic toon to get the one you want. It’s just plain old

Start praying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So just like all the pulls (which my RNGing sucks to the maximum) trying to ascend toons is the same way? Dang Im screwed everywhere I turn lmao. Thanks all


That is some nice luck. I got Siddiq on my 2nd and it took me 5 for Lori. Still, don’t know if she’s gonna be any good.

Waiting on the vk leaks since someone over here isn’t allowed to do more than give us a hint @kalishane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Slycross Said a prayer for you. Hope you pull Glenn soon but check the depot like @MICK_DEAD_END suggested. I can tell you from experience it’s great to have a command on the team. Good luck.


I thought it was gonna be a looooonggg journey too but I sacrificed about 12 :fast: 4 stars it got me:

1 gator
2 josh
1 connor

So in the end, it was not as painful as I expected… but there will always be that % of people who get the short end.


Thanks. Yeah have tried for siddiq and glenn. Have a good bit of 5s and the same 5s from all those asensions lol. Trying for green heath see if my dice gives me yatzee lol. Yeah working on getting more depot points. Im pennyless there lol


18 tries for siddiq. lol i feel your pain. good luck if you keep trying.


I made sure I did my 4* passively over time though… I wasn’t too focused on using my valuable food and TG resources focusing on 4* s… a majority of them were leveled through 1*s laying around when I needed to make room in the roster. I would feed them as I progressed through out the week. At t4 they ate up a lot of food towards the end as expected but thats when I used resources to finish them up.

It depends how you want to go through the leveing process. If its in the depot, probably grab it from there.

If you are aiming for someone like Lori, I would’ve waited till her stats are released perhaps… unless you like to collect and grab a lori early. You never know, she might be a freebie too.


War crates are the easiest way to pick up depot pts. Another thing I do is use the training grounds. Every two days I keep hoping for a 5-star but you can sell off the 3-stars for some pts too.

@realtreej Giving you a like for the pain. Ouch.


Was fortunate to get him with first blue ascension, no such luck getting a Lori or Josua


Yeah waiting on lori. Also was thinking on saving the depot points for future ascendable toons andrea ir yellow duane


I ascended her before Shane hinted to her in a promo. Hey if she turns out solid I will have two of her. Most of us are starving for another red f2p toon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just need the wanderer to show up in the deopt while we wait.


Oh nice! :slight_smile: f2p range shift.


hello fellow bad luck. I also hope you get something soon as well.


Actual leaked 6* :alert: :hunter: Wanderer. Dont tell Shane I spilled the beans.

Has 6* Wanderer been leaked?

good stuff lanybob. grats


Got Glenn in the Second Try with 4* Michonne. But I got screwed over with Others
29 Freaking Tries and No Oliver


ty tips hat