Great Deal! Not!

This is NOT a great deal when you consider the odds of winning more then 1 or 2 trainers or maybe some stupid tokens…

So no, this is NOT a great deal except for Scopely. For every ten folks who buy this rubbish Scopley pockets $300.00 and the marks… I mean customers…are left with…rubbish.

Just SMH.


It is actually a great deal for dumb people

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Any deal is a good deal for dumbasses, main reason why this game is in such a sorry state!

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Here’s a thread to post all the crappy offers Scopely thinks people buy. Realistically this offer is going to give you:

100 Summer tokens

2x Liliths

2x Ulysses

For the price of £29!


Sadly that’s just bait and switch tactics that many people fall victim to


Feels like Scopmoney sales team took 1h YouTube lesson about advertising and called it education. Just look how many bait words they use. “Timer”, “Risk Worth taking” Dont miss out" “Great Deal” Sure they work but thier effect is minimal when you put them on stinking turd of an offer.


70% = 99.9%

A number text can be completely different than the odds.

Why they cant just offer something with guaranteed chances? They love screwing everyone for no reason. You have a microscopic chance of getting tokens and then a microscopic chance of getting something good from them.

So you get double screwed, essentially a .015% chance to get what advertised, even worse than the promo wheel!!


They also use red and yellow colors to influence you


And yet people will still spend for it :man_facepalming:
Might as well burn your wallet if you think this is a good deal.

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On my country this price is 4x higher

I like this one with 2nd year aniversary or 1st anniversary tokens in it

Can they not remember the right tokens? Seems like an easy thing to not over look.

But who am I kidding. It’s scopely we are talking about.

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Just seeing this offer makes me sad. It’s horrible that they are ok with doing that to their “customers”.

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What about this beauty


100%. Best offer ever!!

You’re going to need a bigger thread to encompass all of the stupid offers, 90% of them are absolutely terrible. Why is it so hard to offer actual value for money?

Maybe if we were guaranteed something worth $30 OR something better we would spend. Although to be honest you could get the top in all those bags and it still wouldn’t be worth $30 bucks, trainers and 10 pulls on that shit wheel, I wouldn’t pay anything for that.


May as well post a flaming turd with the caption “pointless shit” “great value”


Some of the offers are purposely overpriced to give their crap a sense of value and help sell other offers. But Spooply is too dense and greedy to pull this tactics off without looking like hacks.

Steaming hot turd “buy now” “great value” before it gets flushed away lol :joy:

30€ for a 40% chance at 10 burts…