Great compensation!

I don’t know if i must cry… laugh…?
you must be kidding us?
we waited two hours!! Looking other factions making points!!! we are far from them now!!!
400k points!!! Too big handicap!! we are loosing our rewards!!! no pulls!!! and you think THIS is a good compensation???


Welcome to the forums. Please do use search function. There are numerous threads about this already. Thanks and enjoy your stay.

Could of given us 8 5* trainers or 6 5* trainer and 2 lilths

Where’s my legendary tokens?

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I got 2 Burt’s, 2 Basils, and a Brady from the bags

#FailingIsWinning :sunglasses:

Welcome and that’s how the cookie crumbles round these parts.

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yeah shit compensation, and some people had the nerve to thank them for this garbage smh

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I’m wondering how hard it would have been to just reset it. And it does seem weird that the people that had no problems were compensated as well there’s no fairness.actually it would been nice if they reset it and gave that compensation to the people who didn’t have problems I would have been satisfied with that

That’s lucky. I got all Burt’s in mine. I feel well compensated

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