Graze vs. Reflect Damage?

What one is best for Trader, graze or reflect damage? Open to suggestions…

Depends on your lead, I guess.

Both are small chances, and both proc on basic atk only, which is pretty rare to occur unless the enemy is already taunted by Trader, i.e. you’re already tilting towards victory.

Graze extends his survivability, so if you tank the hell out of him with lead/weapon/mod (def against blue), he’s getting less damage and graze can lower that even further, while reflext would do pitiful backslash.

If you didn’t tank him out (Mercer lead, for example), he’s taking more damage and graze won’t really help that much, but reflect might - especially against a Priya (I prefer to rush Trader with Priya as he either dies, or has a chance to get impaired/confused [dazed], while relying on AP drain to save the day if all statuses get a bad die roll, then active heal with Pete to remove an eventual infection)

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Reflect damage. Anyone using Rampage Priya will agree that its a total pain in the ass :joy:


when 6* was all the rage, everyone said reflect was just a sad way to get your opponents AP filled up fast.

Now that priya the destroyer of worlds is out there, it kinda seems like a good idea :laughing:

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Question about that… If her rampage hits someone with reflect but it’s not the main target, does she still take the damage?

Yes she still always kills the target. But herself in the process too :sweat_smile:

Lol i have a weapon for shield andrea that was amazing for priyas… Reflect damage when dazed, slowed, or confused… I loved attacking priya teams because she’d always kill herself 2nd turn

Reflect damage on Pete is a must. 9 times out 10 Priya dies if he has it.
And @YSpammer its a better chance on Reflect damage thats why it Procs so often.

im going to take this advice and swap my Pete graze for reflect right now.

Got a 37% reflect, where does that fall on the spectrum of good to bad? I’ve got 2 other reflect lvl 1 mods I could level up but Wayland has all my scrap tied up at the moment.

Yes 37% is good i think a maxed gold is 45% but i might be wrong.
My best is 43% so yes use that instead of graze imo. :+1:

I have plat 49% on Magna and gold 34% on Pete. Priya loves blowing herself up either with Magna or Pete still stands :grinning:

I’ve seen that. I’ve had my Priya reflect and kill an opponent, although more often it appears that my Priya hits an opponent and is killed by the reflect. Unfortunately, as it is random it is all praying to the RNG gods.

Always is, lol.

I also use red Magna (she’s a hidden gem, with her active 40% atk kicking in at the same time you want the shield to drop so Princess can soak up dmg to buff her atk and max out AP) and with stun/focus + 15/35 she survives a standard Priya rush and can still shield, whilst often killing a rampaging Priya through reflect…

I pair my Priya with a G2 so that there’s a chance she survives the first reflect.

Guardian shield is the primary reason why reflect mods actually exist… :wink:

Thanks for the tip about Magna, I will give her a try and see how she works. Do i need to max her AP or active skills?

Depends on whether you are controlling her or not and the rest of the team. I use her on attack and use her AR (maxed) to impair pesky revivers after Minerva has poisoned them and Mercer has stunned, 3 turns for poison gives the need for both.

If you’re just using her to shield and have other controlling toons + using her on def then you may wish to consider not fully upgrading her AS as she then increases the attack of toons at the key point you need her to shield. I’m still considering getting another to optimise for def.

Edit - should also say I used her for a while before upgrading AR/AS as the main thing is to shield (with a stun gun) and then be revived and repeat while my other toons are doing their stuff. Erin put a bit of a dent in those plans but still works today against most S15 teams.


I use magna with stun gun with 35 hp 30 def, def mods (mostly plat) with graze. pretty tough for a 6*

she gets bonked out a few times a round but Pete keeps bringing her back.

Depends on how you want to play her. If you want to have her on defense you can’t control, or playing auto on atk with her in the team, you need to factor the timing of her active with the need of your team to be shielded or atk buffed…
I haven’t maxed her rush so far (lvl5), but am planning to do so, as the 2 turn impair/def down can really change a lot.

Before I put Frost in my defense team (Pete, Princess, Frost, Magna, Priya / previously Alice instead of Frost), I was very happy with the T2 active as it coincided with Princess’ taunt, so the enemy team was less likely to truly harm anyone else, whilst ensuring to max Princess rage and pump her atk (without getting hit, she would have not been able to rush in T3).

I doubt the active is of much use in the defense autoplay now, but I still use it on manual atk.

In any case, I now have a second Magna I managed to pull as a 5*, so will ascend and level her up during the level up tourneys (she uses SR gear that I stashed up before Sclass era) and keep both her skills unlevelled to have both options available…

Note: as I was notified by @Jim_Mac via a private conversation, I would like to clarify that my advice is for casual players (myself a wave2 top1/2 faction member), not really for guys who would aim for the (ultra) competitive stages of the game.

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