Gravey Boats , pull price different and no offeres with 9 hours left

i have a serious issue, so Scopley have done two offeres in different regions im in Dillon and its 125 boats for 40 puls which must bea error but other regions have 10 pulls for same boats. this surley is solid grounds for fraud and discrimination.
you carnt do people out in other regions. so i bought im good faith 200 and thought id wait till they fixed it and buy 30 pulls for my 500 tp get magna. its 9 hours on clock left alk they are offerkmg is poxy level up qnd red keys. its beyond a joke at the minute all money ive given thsse and to have this feeling od being screwed over is horrible to point where im here reaching out in hope for some turn round…

Don’t spend, no further issues

u got magna or not ?

Maybe they are trying to stimulate play in less active regions. Either way, sucks, but it happens.

My regions pretty active and I still got the 10 pull gravy boats on tobin wheel.

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