Gratz Bell on winning ToC

Hope they bury this event far under the rock they buried onslaught in.
But gratz on winning and enjoy your 5500 summer tokens.


Well, to be precise Lee only placed 3rd. :stuck_out_tongue:
However, Endgame came in as #1 faction.

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ooopsie i change this

Well, it’s still incorrect. :joy:
Endgame won 5.5k summer token. Bell won avatars for all and 100% more rewards on a fraction of milestones this week.

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Yes semi correct… I dont think toc need more effort from me

The real winners here are Scopely. Thousands dropped on S class toons to win nothing but an avatar and toons like Yumiko.


Whenever the next event starts, don’t forget to lose in Round one to stand the best chance of winning the overall contest. I think Scopes have hit on a new winning formula for RTS championship gaming.




ha ha got they ass!

Congratulations Bell region!

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