Grade A plan to make money in arenas!

To cut out non-spenders, scopely you should do like you do with war rebuilds.
1st entry 250
2nd 500
3rd 1000
4th 5000
5th 10000
6th to infinity entries goes up 2500 each entry
This way you can make that :moneybag: buy those super stack pancakes.
With coins being as rare as getting a good character for the majority this option could open up the flow of cash not coming from pulls, well until you release those sclass.
Also to help to give the false appearance that the majority have a chance!


Yes please. This game needs more paywalls. And RNG. :smirk:


Scopely you should also just make all places be in the fog of war. No one knows what place they are in till the end

Scopely your losing so much cash! Pump up them sale numbers.

Troll post alert

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Haha look Iā€™m just trying to look out for scope, this is one thing they are totally screwing themselves with. This will make them serious cash.
Plus just like with war they can make it so all player get a free rebuild\hit with the 24hr timer.

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