GR.Scopely please respond

why this route is still active if you have no possession in the museum, why don’t you soon release the next S characters from the gold bars

scopy many times disappointing players with more junk and paid events, please only respond more or less when I came


The gold bars are going to be used for the next free s class toon about to be released. The gold bars arent visible for you to see at the moment until the toon arrives. You can contact support to see how many gold bars you have & they will tell you.

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Want a response? What about here:

or here:

or here:

or any of the other responses he has given on this


GR is currently chasing down the team and cannot respond. Be patient and keep collecting

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The man is legit SPRINTING or no no even better HUNTING DOWN the team for us as we speak

God help them when he finally tracks them down


But Peter300 wants GR to respond to him PERSONALLY in this specific thread.


Found a couple more here:

and here:


Only one information the date of the toon.

@Peter300 - I don’t have the specifics just yet just that the Gold Bars will be re-used for a future character. Trust me, I will be the 1st one to provide more information when I have it available :wink:

@Zak @a-rex1 Are you guys spying on me? :laughing: I have a mini Bike in the office to chase the guys.

@Katolo It is done :stuck_out_tongue:



Sclass GR next toon for gold bars maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I 2nd this idea. Make it happen @GR.Scopely. when you catch them, you’ll have earned your S class toon

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New year event: Catch the team!

Finish 8 roadmaps, 2 every week and catch the Sclass GR !

Yeah…it too easy if we look at letters events :roll_eyes:

This is true very more ascecible dor players kk

Just bring someone from the team here to know what they’re planning to do and give us an idea

Wait. Hold up.

You legit think they have a plan?

Why do you think they’ve been running these “keep the players occupied with convoluted events”

They have no idea.

Well at least someone from the team will tell u straight up what’s going on

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