GR just a question

With threads auto locking after two days, we have tried to keep them refreshed but they keep getting bumped down the list because someone needs to create a new thread about gold bars or something else that has been answered before.

Have you been keeping track of the hate / displeasure towards the company posts? The lack of daily login events for Christmas and the constant issues we have had, the lack of anything remotely decent for the player base as a thank you.

This I assume is scopelys first day back from Christmas break, hopefully they are hammered with all the negativity from the last couple weeks.

I know once they get monthly numbers reports in, and see numbers are down they will ask why… perhaps if the threads were curated they could paint their own picture.


I am wondering if you have summarized all the negative feedback from the last month to submit to the team.


Don’t worry he will take your concerns to the team :+1:


Don’t worry a shiny new overpowered toon will be released and all the bad things will be forgotten.


It would be nice if @GR.Scopely actually gave us a list of the topics he brings to the team, a brief meeting minutes maybe. We have no idea if this is actually happening, and I would like to believe GR does pass our concerns along but we see so little come to light from it that it’s hard to know what’s actually going on. Let’s not forget who made the promise to improve communication. It wasn’t the players that said they would improve communication, it was a Scopely promise.


What I picture happening is @GR.Scopely reads something on here and sends an email off to But The Team has GR as a unknown sender and the email sits in a junk folder until The Team empties the folder into the trash.


I forgot to tag @GR.Scopely in my first post, thanks for reminding me :wink:

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