Gr is closing forum activity down becuase to layzy to awnser back

Why are you closing forum questions and not awnser back about the mess your game created gr, do your job and inform people that have questions like it or not thats the job you get paid for, people asked for the tokens in lvl up NO awnser back.
People asked about fixing the game behind a façade of a. Awnser nothing happend,
People asked to NOT bring half baked new things in the game yet you just push it tru,
People wants the game fixed and that you close the gap between f2p and p2p yet you hide away.

Maybe you can close this topic aswel because you dont want to tell the truth

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@Heather23 - I understand that players have a lot of questions (and rightfully so) about the game. As you know, acting as a messenger I am escalating or pushing all your remarks to the development team and once I have a valid answer it will be published back on the forum for everyone one to read.

The example for the tokens is perfect as I am actually waiting to hear back on it.


It looks like he merged duplicate threads into one. So everyone can comment in the same spot versus different ones. Why is that bad?


Communication is probably close to its lowest ebb that we’ve seen in some time @GR.Scopely

While you and @JB.Scopely are merely the mouthpieces it would be beneficial for someone with actual clairty and answers to pop up now and again.

Especially during this period of “community unity” - show us it isn’t all lip service…

So far that hasn’t happened, yes its early days since the response to the #united post but it looks to be that not a single thing has been changed or even taken under consideration in earnest.

Tell those who matter they need to come to the coal face - its not too late to make things right although i suspect not enough of a fcuk is given for anyone to care


Because we don’t need 900 threads of the same thing.


Scopely bad. CDPR good.

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Not having responded to any of the threads until called out on it here and instead focused on this out of everything:

Unless you are being scripted and need time to rehearse.

Blatant disrespect !!!

Oops you were caught.
Suppress your masses. Cause that’s s a corporate motto.

And its so hard to get a awnser back from your developers like a week and just close down both topics and no awnser says enough how this company works ,lack of interest of the company to inform back , looks more and more each single day like you guys stalling things to cash grab and do nothing i find this 4year event the lowest of lowest rng toons as a reward ,but if this company has any sincere for there player base they just needed to say because its our 4year ani we wil send all players a free sergio , not again behind a cash grab wall for a rng toon, srry but this hole company dont understand anything exept holow words and not els exept cash grabbing when you can even on a 4year ani you need to take and not give

Ah, I see the problem right here, they have that set to closed what you do is wait for the bot to say open then you ask a question.

Not so early anymore. I feel like we should’ve seen more changes by now

The topics may have been about the same character or something like that but they were different questions/opinions. By moving it all to one thread it is effectively shutting down the thread that moves. I’m not accusing anyone of anything but how are the ones moved chosen?

I know I might get out of the subject a little bit, but I wanted to share the next thing I’m seeing in a course that the company is making me take.

And what I call the attention most is that it’s about a course of a Company in Spain and that made me remember of @GR.Scopely and @JB.Scopely :wink: since i believe they both live there:

Rule 1: Never delete a negative comment It is not an easy subject, since some prestigious brand, such as Nestlé, fell into the temptation to erase the criticisms made in the use of palm oil in its products, and this caused a crisis that affected the company. The work of the Community Manager is to manage the reviews with information and left hand, but never turn our backs on a user by deleting the comments or opinions that he has. On social networks you can’t think that a single individual is not able to do anything: each user has to be treated with great deference.

I think they should apply this from time to time :thinking:


Right … @GR.Scopely was only merging stuff not deleting or closing. I actually like GR, he speaks up on here. And does good job of rerouting/merging posts. Im not one that cares if there are countless same topics but i also do appreciate that he actively cleans up forums to a more simple place to navigate. And kudos to him with the little acknowledgment with the “rightfully so” remark. Simple shit like that can go a long way with many of us and i know it does for me.


You can say gr is cool but the lack of information is sad same as the questions that simply are not awnsered back, this hole game is become one big joke it only milking money not more then that , i havent seen anybody saying they stil have fun in this mess and thats what a game is about grinding and having fun not grinding for absolute nothing exept a rng event and leave people out of the toons it wil only be more frustrating for thise stil playing , when u ask i find it commen make sure a manager or informer of this company explains not stalling things so events end without awnsers , or staling things behind go to support that only says check forum and wil take it to the team keep surviving thats absolute not normal ,in real life you dont exept this why in a paying game u do exept these things


I have fun :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: Still boggles my mind how players play a game that’s not fun. This isn’t a job lol.


If you spend then the game is still relatively fun. But if you are f2p, it’s an absolute shitshow. And what does scopely do to satisfy f2p? They release a garbage rng toon. :face_vomiting:

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I don’t disagree. If I was f2p there’s zero chance I would be playing.


Still love the game (most of the time), hate the way it’s managed and ran. That hasn’t changed in 4 years honestly.

Everyone has a break point though and I know I’ve finally reached mine. Will be a wrench to walk away but too much goes unsaid, too little gets answered and very few fcuks are left to give.

Couldn’t even get a straight answer regarding the seemingly new policy over suspensions laid out last week.

Something is rotten in the state of scopely and it isn’t the community