GR a suggestion

@GR.Scopely we have noticed that you do answer people, but a lot don’t want to read through thousands of messages and posts from people.
Could you create your own forum post and do a question and Answer.
“Will we be able to use gold bricks again?”
And you can link that into people’s posts as well just be easier maybe everyone stop asking the same questions and we can see what you write.


You mean be efficient and give people 1 place to go to get answers to questions that have been asked 100+ times before. Get out of here with your logic and sensibility


Great idea @Khaleesi1

A thread for just Gr… So that noone can post into it. A read only.

Would be an excellent way to get info


I like this idea!

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Terrible idea.

Since everyone else likes it.


This is a great idea. It will give all of us the opportunity to see the valuable replies that is given by @GR.Scopely in various threads. And it will gather info into one single source and make it much more transparent.

All I want for Christmas is this :christmas_tree::santa:t2::upside_down_face:


Yes and then close all these redundant threads of people asking the same thing over again, because they lack the ability to use the search bar.


Remember when this guy wasnt allowed on forums…

#thegoodolddays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dont make me thanos snap you…

Y’all already removed my friends and myself from your cool kids club Diamond chat.

Now you want me off forums get over yourself please.


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I like this idea. Plus when we see a repetitive question that he’s already answered we can just link the thread. Lol


You know deep down you love this idea :wink:

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GR should just have his own pinned post that he edits with the repetitive questions so it’s easy to find for people


Hiya crybaby…
I didnt remove anyone.
Check your facts.

And the forums thing was a joke… Because remember when you were on the PC, you couldnt speak on forums?
And then remember how friendly you were after you came back to chat? And yall went on and on about how cruel and unfair I was? In a bunch of chats. But then asked me to help in other chats…?
I think Get over urself.

I know you are an expert of only hearing what you want to, but cant always twist the truth to your convenience.

Would love a QnA

Why not just use his activity tracker?


Nah, that’s why you in Diamond lying to everyone currently why Molly left or Dave was removed or I was removed but why is it no one you are talking about is present because that’s how someone who can’t keep their stories straight operates.

Kick rocks, Boomer.

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Thanks LG. @Khaleesi1

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I been using his activity tracker for a while, it’s a good idea. But I do wish we had a more official way and maybe a Q/A thread to clean things up. Doesn’t really matter what I wish though.