Governors survival road faction SR?


Its a solo event, nothing to do with the governor, hes not even a reward and there are no lucille token prizes. False advertising or what. Its the complete opposite. :joy:




Probably wont get a answer tho there just making the event look even worse now we just want some stability


Oh wow, that’s pretty crazy! False advertisement…?


Came here to post that myself.

So either misleading as hell aside from rifle parts or LiveOps is dropping a hint or bait and switched the prizes in protest.


I came here to ask where the fuck are the Lucille tokens also. @kalishane please get us some answers


:joy::joy::joy: Even Scopely doesn’t know what events Scopely is running.


Seems like a mix up with the event announcement/message thingy to me :thinking:


I think mention of the Governor has to do with the overarching “A New Threat” theme since he’s one of the major Lucille Patrol members like “the tournament is organized by the Governor, better watch out.”

The places where it says Faction… yeah… does anyone proof read these things? lol


But y tho? There’s nothing other than the tournament name that has anything to do with Lucille Patrol.


It also says that rewards include Lucille tokens which I don’t see anywhere


That definitely needs to be addressed. But at best you’re going to get “Woops. That description is meant for a future faction road tournament. Sorry if that made you excited for this one. But we’re totally not going to compensate you. Buh-bye!”


Ya definitely need people to put in the complaint for misleading news…


I sent a message in-game. I’ll post what they reply back with later.


It’s kind of remarkable that no one even expects Scopely to correct, apologize or compensate for the f#ck ups uhm honest mistakes anymore.

Just got used to the fact that everything is bugged


Lucille tokens are in a bag on Legendary completion, you get 30 of them.


Yeah they just changed it


Fixed guys, fixed.

Sorry, just getting to the top of my notifcations ey!


So a useless amount, because you know they aren’t going to put them in anything else, will be just like the 750 tokens they have out a couple back, never giving you enough to do a pull.


How am I not surprised that it is not even one pull. Oh wait it would be a useful and decent reward otherwise. So it’ll probably go to waste as the 750 tokens in the latest event.

Well done Scopely, you can be so proud of yourselves