Governor stash is next

You have been heard after all



Suprise suprise he wasnt changed like kalishane led people to believe

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Called it.


She will stop even read our topics now to not replie with something that might not turn out as a true. We deserved it because of all those false cheating accusations which has no place in this god given game.

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You are the real MVP

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Oh man those cheating accusations were ridiculous… like have they not seen you can pull 6*s even as a prestige 8 now lol

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It’s looking like I’m gonna have to pull from that stash so I can get some practice dummies cause the assault depot just doesn’t seem to ever show up. sigh* cause I do not want to even bother with this stash.

Right on! He finally showed up in my supply depot this week after waiting months to see him there.

I’m sorry to hear that man, I have 26 or smth

I would gladly sent them all off to you cause that’s the only shit I ever get.

great news, I think I’m going to ascend Governor :smile:

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When does the stash start?

Not a fiasco after all huh, enjoy your dedication :wink:

They granted you dem Wendy’s to create false competition haha
You can never outsmart Scopely :sunglasses:
They are true gods and their prophet is deaf and silent

Tier 4 maxed mine recently all ready for ascension just in time lol. Usually I’m late.

Awesome. I will definitely ascend him.

@kalishane i really dont think he fits ThE meTA. Hes gonna do damage to all the carl shiva teams, that breaks the meta.

Plz remove him from the game forever. Thx @kalishane


When is that stash?

It just says march 6th on vk with no specific time. It’s now march 6th in Moscow so I would guess anytime in the next 12 hrs it will pop up.

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