Governor in the War


Can someone explain to me what influences an account to be governor in the war? thank you


Roster. However good your roster is determines who is naturally supposed to be general.


Some say it is up, others say that the governor is defined by who has the first 5 strongest puppets, type> automatic, then the player who has the first 5 strongest are governor


Nope it’s based on roster.


whos governor during war?


I think he means general . Lol


no, im sure he means governor… or governess?!


I have no idea how general is decided. People throw out all kinds of ideas. I have one of the heaviest rosters in my faction and never get it automatically. Honestly about any parameters you could throw out, I should really automatically get it everytime in my faction, and never do.


This… no one knows the official answer. People are just guessing and assuming. Been in many of wars where the top players (easily have the best rosters/mods/weapons) … are not selected general over some f2p teams and moderate spenders.


I see a huge imbalance in general assignments. We have a very diverse faction as far as spending levels, and team make ups. I’m shocked at the people that get it majority of the time. Luckily we are pretty good at volunteering to take it and share the “privilege”. Lol


Likely roster


No, there has been an official answer by Dash. The official answer is that it’s the team with the highest stats that you have made. So basically, if you made an auto team, then that’s you’re highest stat team. It doesn’t matter if you unmake it or sell chars, that number is stuck with you.

HOWEVER! That was before they included mods and weapons in the calculations. Also, the original official response has been proved wrong.

So official response has been given, but it is wrong. What the true answer is, no one knows.


Correct…I remember what dash said but like you said…that’s not even true :rofl:. Weird company :man_shrugging:t4: