Gov or Shiva? Enough for one ATM

Less than 700 silver medals needed. And the LUT will give me an extra Benny so I don’t use anyone who’s not a dupe. Now the two toons who are the center of the thread are undeniably two great and highly praised F2P toons 'round these parts. But who’s good enough to have now? Gov’s impairing abilities are great at supporting while Shiva’s rush and active skill is great at disrupting. And both hit hard.

I would do gov

Governor. Don’t need to sink kits and tape exclusively for his weapon. Neutralize is great and impair 3 will keep them from rushing you.

I’d say it depends on what you are running atm. Both toons are pretty solid. If you already run around with a Mirabelle team, you might want to aim for Gov. If you are running melee already (Carl?), Shiva might fit better in there.

Ha. Wish I had Carl. At the very least his pre-legend form. Or even HP/Def lead Clem. But nah. The game would rather say “Hey dumbass. Have a third Ben” with those saved up tokens. Vincent has been my main melee setup with Wyatt, 5⭐ RTP Rick, 5⭐ Shiva, and SR Zeke. They do alright. The AP boost helps SR Zeke a turn early sometimes.

Mirabelle has been my most go-to team however. Takes towers a majority of the time. Wyatt was thrown in there for taunting which has been a huge help in delaying rushes. Viktor, Tripp, and Lilly have been useful in there as well. If Gov is the right choice, I guess Vik can sit on the sidelines. Wyatt’s a necessity no doubt.

I have both, and use both in a Mira lead team. Both are very good. You can give Gov a stun gun and his impair to 3 toons is very nice, however Shiva’s active skill stun, useable on turn 2 is invaluable. I’ve often thought about replacing shiva on my ranged team with another range toon to take advantage of Mira’s lead, but I just can’t find a way to replace her turn 2 stun. The ability to stun any toon of my choosing is enough alone, to pick Shiva.

Maybe there’s no use for Alicia. So I’ll use her for Gov first and save the extra Benny for Shiva. Her stun is truly superb. Add that with Wyatt’s taunt and it could be great for controlling. But I’m gonna go with Gov and put him with Mirabelle for the firepower against greens. Plus there’s Lucas who will eventually help Gov and Mirabelle by upping their defense. He’ll stay 5⭐ of course for the moment.

Just a bit of an update, Gov has indeed been a wonderful choice and Carl teams have been a breeze. In fact, I actually put him along with Mirabelle on my Vincent team and despite the lack of additional power, SR Zeke’s rush has been helpful in boosting their power and keeping my people alive, as well as causing the two to hit hard when they need to. The taunt/impair combo from Wyatt and Gov works as it should and even delayed two Shivas from popping off. What’s even better is that all this was done and they don’t even have AP bonuses on their weapons. Just the +15% Atk/Def and +30% bonus Def. I’ve even been able to take my leader on, who’s S3 FD Carl beat me twice with my melee and ranged team. And that transitioned to my co-leader who runs a S4++ FD Carl team with Gov and Yumiko in there as well. And with that in mind, I’ve even tackled WAYYY more Carl teams in War than ever. Gov is 3 AR levels down from an additional turn of impair and with what he can do now, I’m confident in saying he can only get better with some simple upgrades to the gun he already uses and when he goes up two more tiers. He’s only T1 too.

While not as good as stun you can replace Shiva with Siddiq or Yumi. Both have a t2 confuse that gets the job done when needed. I find command with Siddiq invaluable. At least this way you’re getting the bonus from Mira.

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