Gov.... come on scopely

Give him to us already we want gov damnit


Man this forum’s gonna go nuts when they finally release him


Maybe, his stats will probably change and idk if it’s for the best

someone has the leak of him?

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That neutralize tho.

They are trying to saturate the huge AP gain lead when attacked leads and weapons before releasing a neuter. Neutralize was after all why so few used this lead.

Imo everyone is running bulky green teams so with recent Wyatt, Vincent and Maggie addition, it’s prime time to hit everyone with governor.


Bet his rush gets nerfed. Doubt there is a reason aside from extracting cash. IUGO confirmed months back they were play testing with him when someone asked about premier governor. Their statement was which one, which premier helmet governor still remains the same one.

The typical ‘meta’ (extract money) excuse always drive all Scopely decisions.

As long as he keeps the neuter and attack strength. A decent rush is a bonus but I certainly don’t expect it to remain as powerful as it is on the pre-release card

Impair 3 for 2 turns is brutal on top of basically a kill shot. I’d love to see it but too good to be true for a depot toon.

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I really hope they do not nerf this. But I can see them changing to 2 for 1 turn. If they do change it in any way they better give him a better active skill then because recover burn is next to useless. I also assume the 10% bump to base stats they will probably lower the att damage down to 550 or 500.

How is impair 3 for 2 turns OP?

Going by the AS you can use these chars to heal it up.
-Ezekiel & Gator & Erika & Jessie. :v:t4:

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They aren’t going to change it when it’s bin released for this long people would Riot

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LOL. Right… Good joke there.

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You mean like they didn’t do with Eugene?


faction mate posted in our faction group, I do not know how he got the picture but there he is.


Probably fake but that is how unascended but ascendable 5-stars look.

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yes, I also thought but in the current image it is with different status and with the current background, maybe this is because it is not finished, wait to see if it is real


What language is that?