Got wrong stuff from Michonnes blessing

Opened a basic reward, got a 3* Oscar. After that i used one token on Michonnes blessing, also got a 3* Oscar, then the game crashed and rebooted.
Anyone else having the same kind of problems?


Weird I had the pull you are talking about bleu 3* Oscar this mornig , and I have the another problem my last 20 5* pulls were 5 bleu Yumiko , 3 Ezekiel kirkman series, 2 Negan winter edition, 4 bleu Michonne …
0 ascendable ,
I think the wheels are broken for a while now , all I got is duplicate

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Not the only one got my 4 Randal in a row wish I screen shorted them now

I pulled three dupe Wendys in three separate elite token pulls yesterday. Wheels are totes fudged.

Most of my recent pulls from the 5* recruit wheel have been yellow Mirabelle (x5) and Command Morgan (x3)

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Blue Garret x3 and Oberson x 2, wheel is fine when expectations are low.

I got disarm michonne and Knox from a 5* ten pull yesterday. I think they happened to fill my bucket for the year.

Lol got 3 blue morgan non acsendable 2 blue garret, 3 obbersons in a row

Well fodder is fodder


The current 5* wheel is definitely messed up. On purpose? Don’t know. The last 25 pulls have always been the same 3 - 4 toons.

They were really helpful when it came to ascending, can confirm

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