Got to be the worst war prizes ever


Sooooo the war prizes for this blitz war is a joke it’s not enough to even pull a five star or a four star weapon come on scopely !!!


It’s a blitz war they are always like this.

Great chance to spread some Lucille tokens missed again though. I’ll agree to that.


Aside from the mention of possible Lucille token rewards, 3k 5* tokens for top 10 is very nice for a short and inexpensive, 24 hour event.


Tokens are always useful.

We aren’t aiming for first in our region, let the newbies and lower factions have it.


Better than they used to be for blitz wars.


Actually… there is two blitz wars back to back. After this one ends, another one will start… so you will be able to get twice as many tokens :slight_smile:


Are you sure there’s two? Or the 24 hours of the tournament just bleeds onto 2 separate days?


That is a farm war for war refils dude


according to VK , theres another blitz war on friday with same prizes


What were you expecting from a blitz War?


standard prizes for blitz wars…

I started with 8 refils and still have 8 refills, they are dropping…