Got robbed collecting 10k 5* tokens

I turned in the tokens and spins the circle forever. Then Hershel road to survival popped out, but the game instantly restarted and is not in my inventory of characters.

Pretty sure all you can do is open a support ticket

Good luck getting them back bud. I do understand that frustration very well.

I did I’m posting here for a paper trail. So when they reply back something unrelated, maybe the guys can help here

I was kinda happy he was 1 I don’t have a bunch of.

I have found generally with missing toon stuff they are pretty good about tracking it, good luck

Similar has happened to me twice. Once they gave me the tokens back. The other time they said everything short of calling me a liar, saying I pulled the toon and it was in my roster. (Only had one though, and had pulled and levelled it a few weeks prior)

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