Got Revive Rosita. Would SR Jesus make good insurance?


Thankfully, the removal of 3⭐s from Premier seemed to make getting 5⭐s easier, especially considering that this is actually the first epic I pulled from recruits in only four draws (guess I can say goodbye to increasing my chance of getting Rick by the end of RTP). So I know the popular opinion seems to be that SR Jesus is the worst but would it be good to have him around? I mean, he does 325% to a line and on a Mirabelle team, that could do some damage. And another reviver wouldn’t hurt. Ain’t a fast rush but hey. But if there are any recommendations, I’m open to opinions.


Imo theyre both pretty much useless now. SR Jesus goes down turn 1 behind Mira same for Resita. With all the Tyreese’ running around they’d be decapped and essentially be useless punching bags. If you’re talking about using them on offense Id go with Resita since she can neutralize which is always useful.


I agree i don’t run a single 5s in my team as they are mush nowadays, if i see a 5s on someone else’s team that is the first person i target and that one goes down in round 1 easy; 6s are the new kids on the block now sadly


Just a thought but what about extra defense bonuses on top of an addition defense leader?


No matter how u set it up nowadays people have teir 4 six stars and can definitely make quick work of five stars on defense unless its AD michonne she is a lucky exception.


Not everyone though. Including me. I stick to my own league. So I still see epics.


Lol oh ok kinda hard to imagine that world I know we all been there including myself but even back then I didn’t want teams where I was destroyed in no time at all.


SR Jesus is pretty crap.

If you have the markers to spare, maybe. But if you’re in a region where 5★ are still a legit part of the meta, you’re probably fairly new. Therefore don’t touch anything in that depot until you have a maxed SR Zeke. He’s still relevant once your region reaches a full 6★ stage - that’s how good he is.


New? I’ve been playing for years. I got back from my 6 month hiatus since December 21 where my collection has gotten extremely better. Now I have over a dozen epics, 3 Ascendables, one legendary, and a team that does decently in wars against S3-S3+ teams.

My OG Zeke is T4 L58 and his rush is maxed. I knew I would be split on the SR characters so SR Zeke is still T3 with a unupgraded rush. Since I put Zeke on the team, it’s been rather easy with the huge attack buff. But getting a healer with it would be nice and with a Commander, he could go off turn 2.

And honestly, I had second thoughts on getting SR Jesus because I though Rosita would be enough. But then I think back on the people who have him and the epic limited edition one on a team running Abe’s Prepared/Jesus’ Hopeful Rifle with a defense leader, making them rather tanky that even if Mirabelle gets a trait advantage, it wouldn’t do much damage. The best setup for a FTP, non-spending epic/legendary team in this situation would be to have a human shield with SR Zeke, SR Jesus, Rosita, and a offense-heavy ranged teammate (like my Viktor) or Commander behind a Mirabelle lead.

Don’t get me wrong though. I know what a pain in the ass legendaries can be even if this setup is good against some slightly weaker teams. But a good mix of offense-heavy and supporters should at least put up a good fight in the long run.


lol most players will be able to defeat that team on 3x auto no matter how many revives you have there and your def bonus etc