Got my rewards for support squads but not drafts

Not received a single reward and it still says it processing yet I have received the support squads rewards which was a lot less.
The two gold tickets are from doing 20 or so attacks they have not been rewarded to me i should have 4.


Same not sure what’s going on

Glad I am not the only one but annoyed because it should of been sorted by now.

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Yep same has happened in one of my mini’s came 1st in Draft. Yet to receive rewards. Support said in the next 24 hours.
Any news on whats happening here?

Same here no Draft rewards. Someone mentioned in Discord that CS said 24hrs.
I put a ticket in & have yet to receive a response.
Really annoying, but we all know everything happens on the weekends when they have nobody on to look into issues.

Seen a similar thread and commented there that it shows rewards are to be sent. But I did get mine, 100% sure of that.

Looking at the screenshots, unless some guys burned their tickets in championship arena already, they don’t seem to have received the championship tickets from draft, so the problem is not just a visual error that I assumed it was…

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