Got me....Again

Love the false advertising from scopely…last time I checked there was a difference between silver and platinum


Cough… Cough… Refund… Cough

That’s not surprising given how shite everything else has been.

Yeah I should have known better and to top it off my pull from the snowflakes was 5 2* trainers

Seems about right, the only thing they get right without fail is the old sandpaper dildo.


I would rather they just advertise DITA for $5…it would make more sense

Two words. REFUND IT

Well, platinum looks sort of “silver-ish”…?

Look out! These things sure are dangerous. :laughing:

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Um, it was never advertised as a platinum mod chance. Only shows that after purchase, so technically not it’s not being advertised, just scopes screwed up again. It’s fine to hold them to their mistakes, but damn, at least do it right.

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