Got kate 5 star what should i do?

i think sinse she so op to me (because i battled with her) id ask u guys wat to do

all i have is one legend and no other acendables so yeah i want to use her

Kate is good I used to use mine for faction assault

And if all you have is 1 6* she will definitely help you out on your team

Depot her.


Faction mate uses this for his main attack team and the kates invaluable because of her ar abilities.


I’d keep her if I were you, never know if she’ll be ascendable in the future.



Kate is amazing for fighting negan on faction assault. Her 2 turn heals and Tenacity allow you to cheese negan

Bad beets

No bad gishy


Shush go war

Ihave killed many

Who T F is Kate? Can someone post her card?

You’re totally wrong

Kate is part of this first turn Victor team. With the yellow tower of this CRW, I’ve beaten even Carl teams with it. Kate is OP.


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