Got hacked and nuked

My account was hacked some how today and got nukes there is nothing left 10 6* gone 70 5* gone gear weapons gone anything and everything is gone please help @kalishane

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kalishane doesn’t work on weekends. Sorry this happened to you, contact support and hope for the best.

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Providing scopely can see that your account was accessed from a different IP when this happened, they can restore your toons. They can also restore your weapons, but probably without mods. It’ll take a month or two at least though.

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You’re out of luck there pal, if you don’t have your account id or username on file. Hope you get it back.

Damn sorry to hear that :confused: but Always regularly screen cap your whole roster and Id.

I have the account back and SS of everything it’s just been nuked

This usually happens when you share your account with someone, or use a service like vk.

Of course even if you did either of those,you wouldn’t admit it, but we all know it

Moral of the story don’t use VK. They accessed you’re account, they seen all the toons you were rocking and said thanks bruh. They offer toon you can buy direct, how much do you think they could get from someone for 10x 6* and 70x 5*. Not too mention already leveled with weapons to boot.

heard it can also happen if you use bluestacks

Don’t have a kid do you? When I first started playing, my 5 year old got a hold of my phone and sold some smaller tokns and demolished a few buildings, quite a bit of damage in just 5 minutes. Thankfully it was rifht after starting, and have taken precautions to prevent the destruction since then lol

Nah I don’t the account was signed in on another device and when I logged on it had a new account on my phone which was linked so idk how my linked account got transferred else where and a linked account back on my phone when I re linked my account everything was off of it

Oh yikes. Might check around old forums, I think i remember a thread iver there about a few people beinf logged onto different peoples accounts. I’m not sure if scopely ever resolved the issue for the one who had his account nuked from that glitch but might be worth looking to see if anything happened with it. Itll probably be tomorrow before tou get an answer from anyone on here.

Lmfao if it had more after more than a week of me playing i probably would consider that money well spent :joy::joy: jk…kinda

I’ve been playing nearly two years now and have never had any problems until this Ofc it happens days after all the VK/Hackers are cleared out of the region smh

Ooh just saw you were frim coosa as Well! Have you tried support? I know they’re a hopeless cause but shane did say wed be getting a new support team a few days ago

Happened to someone I knew as well, someone logged into his account and he ended up being on someone else’s, he logged back on and everything was deleted buildings, toons. Scopey didn’t care much, he took it to iTunes who refunded him for it.

90% of the time this is caused by giving out your account info, using illegal hacks, buying coins illegally etc. People should take note :slight_smile: if you are one of the 10% that didn’t do this I feel sorry for you. If you are in the 90% haha bitch get what you deserve.