Got dissconect on pvp territory


I am losing 5-10 e per day on dissconecting from battles for territories pvp. And my network is fine. I am entering battle and 50 % i finishing it, another 50 % is dissconecting from battle and reloading game, my faction coleagues also got this bug, 1 e is drawed and in territory history battles its dont even showed here was battle , losed or win, not just me have this bug, who anyone got? What is the cause and when it will be correct?


I have the same problem, many disconnect, too many time lose teritory Energy and cant join battle.


The upcoming game update, 17.0, will fix an issue where the game reloads during territory battles.


Yay!! now we can stop making multiple posts about it!!


Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

Scopely fixes aren’t always much of a fix.


Try to fix one thing lock out 50% of userbase and create 7 more bugs… That about how their fixes have been lately.


They have claimed to fixed that in a few updates …and they still haven’t. Don’t believe it. :rofl:


6 from 10 e losed on dissconecting ))) lol


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