Got dat Golden quill

Never expected to actually get it


Congrats. Still trying here :frowning:

Join the club wonder what happens if you get a second.

If I could stop getting 1’s I might have a chance of that gold quill😂



I also got it, but i never claimed Kenny. And i dont have any other toons that would benefit from that wep.

Get it anyways, you never know what could come along later down the line.

Kenny is awesome, why didn’t you?

I got one as well. If you wanna a tip change the third slot for AP drain skill and you gonna have a nice support weapon to muddle enemies alongside slow from fourth slot.

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What a weird weapon.

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Why not focus stun all the way…

Because the weapon is designed for offensive use with atk points and slow when attack. Stun, as a defensive skill, won’t boost your attack efficiency.

My prediction for this event is zero gold quills (wouldn’t mind) and 180 silver ones (got 110 agter two map runs)

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