Got chat-banned for no reason?

Tittle. I got chat banned for 24hs and I literally don’t write at global chat, only at faction’s chat where the most aggressive thing i say is “Hola putos”, which is just a friendly way of saying hi among partners.
Is it there any way for me to know who reported me and why? Some evidence to prove me guilty D: ?

Riiiiiight, that what that means.


The Urban Dictionary definition… lol


Somehow I don’t see him calling his faction mates steamed cakes. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


What up my nightlight


Hi all my steamed cakes :wave:


Getting banned doesnt mean someone reported you.

He got slapped with da hammah! :hammer:

I often call my faction mates food.

I was just telling pizza sauce how he should adapt his team to help beat waffles team.

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I would never call someone a puto

As strage as it may sound, we here usually use insults just as a way of calling other people. I know, it is strange and i doesn’t appear to have any sense, but it’s just like that. Of course we use them that way with partners and people we trust

Now that i totally get

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