Got charged twice for membership


Watch ur bank account hot charged twice for the membership, one for the trail an the other for the monthly, try to show scopley but they say sorry we do see it on our end !!!


Why would you buy a membership is the better question


You shouldn’t have been charged $25 for the trial. Check with your bank.


Next time use a Googleplay card so you won’t have issues with your bank account, plus you probably didn’t cancel the seven day trial on the sixth day, so you got charged.


Yeah, I can imagine that this could happen


And obviously a lot of Scopely-Bots use to post on the Forums, insulting others.
caye, your programm is even more broken than the gamecode.


You’re a bot?


Lol come on buddy. Lets be serious. It was a fair question. :joy:


Naja, an deiner Stelle würd ich mich nicht P2P nennen, nur weil dein Taschengeld gerade so für ein sinnbefreites Abo reicht. Zum Angeben reicht’s nicht :rofl:


omg so scoplyee hve bots


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