Got charged twice for an offer, only got the offer oncd

As the topic title reads. It was only a 99p grab offer but after messaging support they refused to credit me with the offer for a second time despite charging me for it.
How the hell can $copely get away with this shit?

this reminds me … on black friday i purchased a £7.98 offer which was a 1 time purchase deal … the game said error with the number (Purchase error not network error) so decided not to bother with the purchase. when i logged back into the game it showed the offer up on the screen which was weird. when i checked my account the same payment was shown twice.

im not sure if it was an amazon fault or the games fault but getting a refund is bad

They said I need to contact Apple for a refund. Yet I’m sat here totally bemused. Just give me the 325 tokens I paid for

This happened to me today. First and only purchase.

Think I got a refund back from Apple.

2 for 1 deal, “Road to Survival” edition.

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