Google Q beta released

Hi devs,
PSA- Please know Android beta Q build is released and live. Please look into it. Here is how to get started updating game-

I can already report a bug on it.
Bug- Game will start and load you can hear the game but it stays a black screen.
I’m on OG Pixel XL obviously running Q beta 1st release

Picture and phone type added for info

If anyone can help and link the dev to this post I’d be happy to let you.i have yet to figure it out. I read it’s a few minute fix.

@Shawn.Scopely maybe you could help? It is supposedly easy to update the code in original coding so it will work with Android Q beta. I posted a link above on how to do it.

I would even be willing to try stuff for you if you would like.

Oh and the game does work with the black screen. I can push on places were things are and play it like being blind not really knowing what I am doing.
Also when closing all I get a glimpse of what on the screen like a millasecond.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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