Goodbye. To All

How many people quit this week? I am glad to be one of them :wink: you will feel much better.


In b4 thread close


This game will eventually just be 90 people in 3 factions buying every toon
And they’ll still not change things up
They’ve drawn their line in the Sand


Omw out the door slowly

Honestly the game looks like its going to die. This company has done nothing to help the player base in the 4 years it has existed.


I will stick with this game till the servers shut down to be honest

Inb4 my comment is fl@g spammed like many like to do


You do you. Just keep in mind the enjoyment vs. expense of this game. You can always go with your faction mates to another competitive game.


I’ve been out in the wild so to speak other games don’t have the magic this one does at a conceptual level it’s a great game while some of the dirty things we have endured over the years can turn one sour we play for something to do the people to chat with the rewards are much better than they use to be they are trying to walk the line to make money as well is what it is enjoy it lol

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About what kind of magic you’re speaking? :joy: It‘s boring farming, lvl up, SR, raids, war and from time to time they add another idiotic feature such as yawnslaught or hordes. Unfair RNG since years. Then they’ve had the nerve to change the whole battle dynamics to satisfy their big spenders since they cried about getting beaten up by F2P players. There is no longer anyone who wants to spend several weeks grinding for lousy rewards.


Who plays for rewards? It’s all the same do or do not it’s just a game lol


In b4 thread lock for forum rules and guidelines violation.
Lmao still remember those days, funny as hell!

I am with my fac! :smile:

I noticed yesterday that the leader of my faction left for a higher rank faction and left me to be the leader of the faction. Didn’t even ask me if I wanted to be leader. I was thinking about quitting this game soon or moving back to my old region. It’s getting harder to keep a lower rank faction together cause everyone either leaves to go to a higher faction if there is an opening or they just get frustrated with the game and quit.

Best choice is to quit :wink:


Taking another break, dunno if i’ll be back or not. Had no motivation to participate in these stupid events


U know it’s bad when war bores the hell out of you


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