Goodbye Critical Stat, Hello Precision!

The critical stat is the worst stat in the game and should receive a buff. If you want to go for pure defense you use HP and DEF stat boosts/buffs which work well for teams who want high sustain. If you want to go for pure offense then you use ATK and CRIT stat boosts/buffs. Sadly, you need to invest “too many” points into CRIT for it to proc often while defense is a constant factor when dealing/taking damage. They’re are a few other disadvantages of using CRIT over DEF and/or HP.

My suggestion is that we remove the critical stat and add the stat, precision. What is precision? Precision, is a stat that boosts the odds of applying weapon abilities like stun when attacking, bleeding when attacking, etc. Not only that but it also reduces the odds(slightly) of getting stunned, impaired etc. when you attack so that you can attack those stingy defensive teams without being punished harshly for using your basic attacks. Precision would also have all the functions of the old CRIT stat.

I believe we’d see a lot more uniqueness in the weapons people craft. Imagine being able to leech health with a higher success rate or being able to attack a team on defense with raw damage without the fear of losing out on significant damage.


interesting, so are you saying you could mod the weapon multiple times?? more than the current 3 slots?

Has this guy never seen 6* zeke with a kukri?


No I think he means like let’s say you have stun when attacking and 30 precision, there’s a 30% higher chance of stunning who you attack.

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Guardians need the Crit. Without those, their Skill becomes obsolete, unless the leader gives a lot of crit to make that less painful, like Legendary Barker.

But to be honest, an Ezekiel paired with a fast weapon with Stun/Bleed Precision and a Barker would be pretty destructive.

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Hey no thx Crit is pretty deadly if you stack it with high damage toons


LIke alpha. Her with Dwight lead is some scary shit.

What about a 100% chance to proc absolute defense ?

No it’s not. No one fears a crit lead.

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For defense, no but crit is extremely useful with the right specialists

Like this one? Zeke gets a crit hit about 99% of the time when I am using this. Crit definitely works lol.


Sounds like a bad bug waiting to happen , nah.

Upgraded my kukri from the image I posted earlier… Zeke now has this toy.

Almost done. Either go to 40 crit or add huge ap when attacking.