Good war prizes?

Rank rewards:

1: 12000 gold nuggets, 12000 5-Star recruit tokens
2: 11000 gold nuggets, 11000 5-Star recruit tokens
3: 10000 gold nuggets, 10000 5-Star recruit tokens
4: 8000 gold nuggets, 8000 5-Star recruit tokens
5: 7000 gold nuggets, 7000 5-Star recruit tokens
6 - 10: 6000 gold nuggets, 6000 5-Star recruit tokens
11- 20: 4000 gold nuggets, 4000 5-Star recruit tokens
21 - 30: 2000 gold nuggets, 2000 5-Star recruit tokens
31 - 40: 1000 gold nuggets, 1000 5-Star recruit tokens
41- 50: 450 gold nuggets, 450 5-Star recruit tokens.

finally a good war prize. compared to the last ones this one has a good award until for those who stay out of the top 3


Its decent, like i think if your faction make it to the top10, you could easily get a free Wyatt.

It is the best prizes theyve had for any event in a long while


is this legit? i didnt see anything in VK

Its legit!

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Very good joob !

TY sir. looks like the person who is fucking with the prizes went on early vacation.


Best prize in a while I agree. 1st place can get a ascendable character or gps/canteen with the nuggets which everyone’s been asking for and I would like all of the above myself. I’ll take it but it could still be better lol. When I first got to the first place faction in my region war prizes were always a unique 5 star that was really good, I’d like to get back to that(but in 6 star obviously) with the prizes below getting a nice ascendable character as well.


Don’t know how any1 can find these good nothing unique.Just more farming.Amount of money it cost to win war now>these rewards doesn’t seem right.

These prizes are lots better then they used to be in the last Wars , even the milestones are pretty decent I’d say , all in all improvement has been made , we can’t just always bash on their heads
Cheers for making some sort of an effort !


farming what? its a normal war its not hard to come first.

and anyone does SR and level up and comes top 3 will get the 5 and few tier 4 bags… dont see what your missing…