Good War Prizes

I can honestly say for the first time in… yea I lost track… that the war rewards are nice!! The only concern I have is that there’s no real momentum to place 1st rather than 2nd even 3rd maybe, but over all very nice.
Essentially, (if you so choose) you get an ascendable Wyatt (we’ve been asking for ascendable rewards), and a 5* pull. Even if the ascendable reward is indirect, it’s still giving you an opportunity to trade him in for the nuggets!

Thank you, @Kalishane , I think you are really having a positive impact on some changes and actually properly interpreting what we say and getting through to the team who decides things like prizes — despite earlier doubts in you.


I agree +rep for that!

just means we get to complete this gear collection…

Barely exiting they could of released gear in anyway it would have the same impact.

I dunno what there is to be exited about a free wyatt or 2 free lvl 90s.

I mean it’s sorta okay but meh.

Finally a decent event. Sure took some time…

Long may it continue! I’m personally going for the gear bags first :crossed_fingers:t2:

Would love to T4 one or two of my 6’s.

Are u sure the Wyatt is free?

That’s your choice, but you don’t have to rain on others parades, haha. Usually I’d agree, but you’ll realize sometime too that being negative when something good actually does happen will only hurt you and make matters worse perhaps for the whole community.


It it called being negative or stating facts???

Someone slaps you every day all your life but the 1 day they dont do it, now you love them? LMAO.

This isn’t about being negative its about CONSISTENCY.

Are the prizes good, sure…but will this happen all the time now. um…based on past experiences, I’m going to say no until proven umm otherwise.

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I get where you are coming from, but consistency won’t happen if we are badmouthing the actually-decent-prizes!
If it’s true that they do listen, and we give nothing but bad feedback, they’ll start messing with them again.

I mean… there’s no logic too when people who complain about being slapped everyday, still continue spending money and supporting the game. It’s why I laugh at complaining spenders in this game.


I haven’t said anything bad, I just said I want consistency in my original post in a roundabout way, lol. :slight_smile:

lol agreed…blame can be passed around. whales make it hard on us, lol.

I tend not to care about who’s fault it is or isn’t, but it’s funny when I see hypocrites.

I’m the same. Canteen/gps collection first for me. Then the other gear needed for t4

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Hopefully get a balance on gps / canteen lol. Would like Wyatt too, but the gears more important imo

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Credit where credit is due. These are a good set of prizes. Milestones im neutral on overall. But good job scopely. Hope it continues.

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I agree these prizes are legit and ironically couldn’t have come at a better time than now, most of the kids will be asking Santa for play cards!
; P
Was this the plan all along? :thinking:

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LMAO @ erasing my post for stating facts…gotta luv this forum…ruled with a iron fist.

I didn’t remove anything

Milestones are meh… But rewards look pretty good overall