Good to see SR rewards are still

I wish i could get another regina, best toon for auto raids imo. Never have to worry about shields or revives

If youre a whale then you would had been allowed to do a glitch and have 3 reginas in a top faction but as long as you spend monthly its allowed, i dont have the pic anymore lol but dude has 3 reginas and a zach for defense :man_facepalming:

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I’m sure i could opportunist myself another regina if i really wanted to :smirk:

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He doesn’t suck, he’s just an old card.
Of course Regina will be better, but Regina isn’t an option in new regions whereas Tyreese is.

They should had got leon :smirk:

That is true I suppose.
But personally, I believe Tyreese is still better than Leon.

But have you seen Leons awesome hair?

Lmao! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

He does look neat.

Agreed but I’m sooooo starved for legendary medals that I’m excited lol. I can’t ascend so many toons, a few being Mike, Lilly, Roxie and Cole. So dumb as this point.

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It’s fine i don’t even play solo SR jokes on them lmao


Sadly i need those medals so ill do enough to get 150 of them to ascend ba-cooper

These have been the same SR rewards for as long as I can remember, what’s the point of complaining about them now?

Those gold ascend tokens are pretty sweet though…i needI em…the rest is meh

I missed Michelle too :expressionless: was on break that time, now i gotta run a bugged Jackson as lead :no_mouth:

This is the only good bit. But 380 of them is awesome

Edit: it is actually 467 medals, which is even awesomer.

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Dafuq… Really :man_facepalming: Guess it’ll be another event I don’t participate in. Want no part of this crappy skam wheel.

I don’t think she’s the worst guardian. I use her on my main team, and could replace her with Rick (with abs def), Hershel, or Douglas.

Green gives you stun on attack or AP down, which are both quite good for a guardian. Her fast rush impairs 3, which has saved me lots of times (and since most of the time she gets dogpiled, I can often rush her t2). Her active clears stun, which is incredibly useful because even with resist mods on all, rng can still get you. And while it usually doesn’t matter, crit buff makes her good against walkers. Very functional toon that works very well in many circumstances.

SR rewards: Gold medals are always welcome and there’s a decent amount in there, and SR tournaments are slightly more interesting than spamming flee on daily SR to do the event mission. Only downside is that it’s league qualifier week, and the trophies might push me out of reach for platinum I, so I’m not sure yet if I actually want to play it.

Yes this could do with improving, much more work than LU for me but rewards are worse🤗

Yea, i need all those gold medals for all the awesome legacy and leagues toons we have been getting :smirk: :roll_eyes:

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